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Muro’s Specialties

Existing as a global company in a niche field with high technologies forever

Muro’s target since our foundation is to cultivate the best technology in a niche business or field that no other companies can handle or are interested in and continue to be a global company with the best technology.
Because we are not affiliated with any automakers, we can survive by only being “real”. We have decided to do business in the niche fields, however to do so, we are required to have a “real” ability. The necessary technology has been developed and perfected within our company. This is Muro’s current specialty and strength.

Seeking out challenges and not sticking to the tried and true

More than ten years ago, we changed the company name from “Muro-Kinzoku Kogyo Co, LTD.” to “Muro Corporation”. This reflects the thought “we are a company that not only performs stamping work, but also seeks out challenges.”
Under the new company name “Muro Corporation”, we try to be progressive, not maintaining the same businesses or work but has a dream and seeks challenges.