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From Our President

Masafumi Muro, President

Masafumi Muro, President

To be an incomparable creator

We are proud of having the best ability to compete with other autopart suppliers for the quality and price. Muro Corporation is able to complete all the processes within our company. From designing and manufacturing of the die, to stamping, heat treatment, and surface treatment, which a lot of other companies in the precision parts industry choose to outsource. The speed from receiving orders to delivering goods is our strength.
The fact that almost all automakers in Japan have a relationship with us proves that Muro Corporation has high technologies and has gained trust from our customers.
This is the result from our effort to always maintain high customer satisfaction.

Today we put a great deal of effort in not only producing precision parts but also developing our original products. We produce the original goods such as “California Peelers” and “Visliders” and expand our business with the slogan “Make things that other companies cannot”.

Giving satisfaction not only to the customers but also to the employees is one of our most important values. We need to be a company that has an attractive work environment and that gives “salt of life” to the employees so that they can refine their individualities as well as their techniques.
Our solid benefits program is one of the examples of being an attractive company. Dorms for single employees, company housing, rest home, and recreation facilities are provided. We actively support club activities for their hobbies and sports. We also participate in many activities that contribute to the community in order for Muro Corporation, as an aggregate organization, to be a company for the employees and our society.