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Muro’s History

1953 Apr. Muro-Kinzoku Seisakujyo Tokyo Sales Office founded in Enokizaka Cho in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Started selling autoparts such as shims
1958 Apr. Incorporated under the name of Muro-Kinzoku Kogyo Co, LTD. with a capital of ¥ 2,000,000
1959 Apr. Developed “Maret Shim” patented in Japan, U.S., and Germany and made contributions to automobile industry and industrial machinery business.
1962 Jul. Established the Nagoya Business Office in Naka-ku, Nagoya
1964 Nov. Established the Utsunomiya Plant in Karasuyama Machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Pref.
1966 Apr. Established the Utsunomiya Business Office in Karasuyama Machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Pref.
1968 Nov. Developed press processing technology for lead frames used in various types of consider circuits and established basis for ultra-high-precision pressed parts
1969 Sep. Capital increased to ¥ 40,000,000
1972 Jul. Constructed the head office building in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
1973 Sep. Capital increased to ¥ 60,000,000
1974 May First expansion of the Utsunomiya Plant
Showroom opened in Shimbashi, Minat-ku, Tokyo to display imported, quality metal housing fixtures
1978 Jan. Nagoya Business Office moved to Anjo City, Aichi Pref. and the name changed to the Nagoya Branch
1979 Nov. Second expansion of the Utsunomiya Plant and computers introduced for efficiency
1982 Mar. Osaka Business Office established in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
May Introduced CAD/CAM
Developed Muro’s own unique system software “Maric”
1986 Feb. Developed an automatic citrus peeler “California Peeler”
June Developed the “Vislider Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems”
1987 May Automatic citrus peeler, “California Peeler” awarded Grand Prix at International Inventors Expo
Oct. Developed a grain boundary sliding part that keeps oil inside and that does not absorb wastes
1988 Aug. Constructed the Kiyohara Plant in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi
Sep. Established a subsidiary “North Kanto Plating. Inc.,” in Moka City, Tochigi Pref.
1990 Mar. Company name changed to “Muro Corporation” and capital increased to ¥ 240,000,000
1993 Jan. Established a subsidiary “Muro North America Inc.,” in Ontario, Canada
Aug. Constructed the new Kiyohara Plant building (FA factory)
Utsunomiya Business Office moved to Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Pref. and the name changed to Utsunomiya Branch
The name of Osaka Business Office changed to Osaka Branch
1994 Sep. Established a subsidiary “MCI Company LTD” as a non-life insurance agency located in the head office
1995 Mar. Capital increased to ¥ 370,500,000
Apr. The name of Utsunomiya Plant changed to Karasuyama Plant
1996 Sep. Capital increased to ¥ 603,000,000
1997 Aug. Registered as Jasdaq over-the-counter-stock and capital increased to ¥ 897,250,000
1998 Jul. Established a subsidiary “Murotech Ohio Corporation” in Ohio, USA
Oct. The Karasuyama Plant and the Kiyohara Plant acquired ISO 9002
1999 Mar. Moved “New Business Division” to Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (the head office) and changed its name to “Market Development Department”
2001 Nov. The Karasuyama Plant and the Kiyohara Plant acquired ISO 14001
2002 Apr. MCI Co., LTD. transferred to the inside of Kiyohara Plant and started to undertake Muro Corporation’s some production processes
2002 May Murotech Ohio Corporation acquired QS 9000
Dec. The Karasuyama Plant and the Kiyohara Plant acquired ISO 9001
2004 Apr. Started sales of fruit peeler “Mass-A-Peel” for the general user
Dec. Stocks listed in Jasdaq Securities Inc (Jasdaq Market)
2005 Aug. Established Murotech Vietnam Corporation in Amata Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
2007 Apr. Capital increased to ¥ 1,077,187,000 by issuing new stocks for public subscription
May Capital increased to ¥ 1,095,260,672 by issuing new stocks for allocation of new shares to a third party
2008 Apr. Established the Komono Plant in Mie-gun, Mie Pref., the third base in Japan
2010 Jul. Released a domestic-use garbage composter “ECOLOPOST”
2011 Apr. Consolidated Hamamatsu Sales Office into Nagoya Business Office in Anjo City, Aichi Pref.
2012 Jul. Murotech Vietnam Corporation acquired ISO 9001.
Aug. Established a subsidiary"PT.MUROTECH INDONESIA"in West Jawa Province,Indonesia.
Nov. Established a joint concern"3MT(THAILAND)CO.,LTD."in Bangkok,Thailand.
2013 Jul. Stocks listed in Tokyo Securities Exchange
2014 Nov. Started sales of fruit peeler “Smart Peeler” for the general user
2016 Oct. Moved the head office to Kiyohara Factory and renamed it to “Head Office & Kiyohara Factory”