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Corporate Policy

Muro Group Policy

Management Policies

Our goal is, by utilizing our techniques, to be a top manufacturer in the area which a big company does not handle. We also make efforts to improve our business in all aspects, improve our status in the niche area to the international standard, and build a strong foundation so that no one competitor ever comes close to us.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Obey the laws.
    • We always obey the laws, regulations, or rules.
    • We always engage in fair and clear business practices and contribute to stakeholders’ benefit.
  2. Satisfy our customers.
    • We always think of our customers first.
    • We always understand the needs of customers and society and strive to live in harmony and mutual prosperity.
  3. Preserve the environment.
    • We always preserve the environment.
    • We always utilize ISO system (ISO14001) and decrease burdens on environment.
  4. Adhere to our community.
    • We live together with our community in mutual prosperity.
    • We contribute to our community by developing employee satisfaction (ES).

Definition of Terms


A general term for people who are concerned with a company. It includes our regional community as well as employees, consumers, and/or stockholders.

Employee Satisfaction:

Satisfactory level of employees. An index to show if each employee is satisfied with his/her work and thinks his/her work worth doing.