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Muro’s Products

Muro Corporation manufactures "niche" autoparts, not main unit such as engines or brakes, and original products that everyone loves to have.


Muro's products are normally not seen in our daily life. However, all our products are indispensable for automobiles to run safely. Muro makes over 18,000 auto parts, and they are used by the eleven major Japanese automakers.

Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems

The Vislider is an auto feed screw driving system that automates the task of screw driving, which was traditionally done by hand. With the Vislider system, screws are collated for consistent feeding and installation into a variety of applications.

Citrus Peeler

It has been said that citrus fruits are too soft to be peeled with a machine. However, with the revolutionary "Mass-A-Peel" you can peel fruits and vegetables that are troublesome to peel by hand. This peeler is manually-operated, so it can be used anywhere. Clean up is made simple by rinsing in water.