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Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems


Muro Corporation has automated the labor intensive and time consuming task of driving screws. Traditionally, to fasten wood to metal, it was necessary to first drill a hole and then drive the screw. Now, using our auto feed screw driving tools and special self-drilling screws with wings, it is no longer necessary to pre-drill the material in advance; you can fasten wood to metal in one easy step.
We have also developed a special screw for 2X4, metal-framed housing fastening. This special screw has been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In the past it was difficult to disassemble housing which is built with nails, but housing built with screws is easier to disassemble. This makes it much more efficient to reuse or recycle old building materials and is more environmentally friendly as a result.

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Vislider VL41-FLVisropeVislider Attachment Series CH700
Enable to Screw Wood and Metal in One ProcessCertified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism